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Snowman Winter Writing Craft!

As the winter season rolls around, I can't help but get so excited for all the fun activities I can use to engage my students! A large need among my ESL students is decoding and writing single words or phrases while practicing the language used when speaking and writing in complete sentences. That's why I've created this fun writing craft with several sentence frame options for you to use! I can't wait to show you what's included. Let's jump in!

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This writing craft has two book titles to choose from:

  1. My Winter Pattern Book

  2. My Snowman Pattern Book

You may choose to use either one based off what your students needs are. For example, with my newcomers, I might use the "winter" pattern book to practice winter vocabulary. For a more creative writing activity, you may choose to use the snowman pattern book. There are two craft options:

  1. Craft pieces for color print

  2. Craft pieces in black and white for your students to color.

The craft is meant to be glued on the back of the book so students can read their book with the craft attached. There is a sheet included for your students to draw accessories on their snowman head before they cut it out. This way, they cut it out all at once and glue it on the body.

There are 14 patterns for you to choose from when putting together the pattern books your students will use. Each pattern has a page where students will trace the sentence and fill in the blanks, as well as a page where students will just fill in the blank. You can choose which page fits your students needs best! All of the patterns included are listed above.

I hope you and your students enjoy this resource this holiday and winter season! I would love for you to share and tag me @carolinacornertpt on instagram so I can see this in action in your classroom. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out in the "contact me" tab. Happy Winter!

To see this resource in my store, click here!



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