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Seasonal Bundle: Pictographs, Bar Graphs, and Line Plots!

Grab this bundle here!

Let's be real... it's tough to keep kids engaged sometimes during holiday seasons, especially when it comes to teaching graphing. That's why I've taken my experience in a third grade classroom to create these interactive, engaging, and FUN resources I think your students will love! There are digital (for use with Google Slides/Classroom) and printable options included for some as well. With the unprecedented times we live in, you never know when you will go all virtual. Dive in with me as I explain each one in detail. Let's go!

1. Digital and Printable every day activities.

The first resource included in this bundle are every-day activities. There are two options included in this bundle: a printable and digital option for use with Google Slides/Classroom. The digital option has movable pieces for your students to create graphs. There are options for your students to create pictographs, bar graphs, and line plots, as well as options for your students to practice taking data from a pre-made graph.

The links to these individual resources are here:

2. Saint Patrick's Day Story Activity

This activity brings reading comprehension along with graphing in math. Your students will follow along with the Leprechaun as he hunts for the pot of gold! As they read, they will stop and take the information from the story to fill out the table and graph worksheets. Both digital and printable versions are included in this bundle.

Grab this individual activity here!

3. Mrs. L's Valentines Day Party Activity!

Mrs. L desperately needs your help to set up for the class Valentine's Day party! Follow along with the story slides to see what all your students can do to help her. Your students will use the information from the table/graph to find the number of snacks, card decorations, and gifts she will need for a successful party! Digital (with moveable pieces) and Printable versions are included in this as well.

Grab this individual activity here!

4. Fall Turkey Escape!

The turkeys from the farm are trying to escape from Thanksgiving dinner! It's your students' job to help them all escape through each mode of transportation. They will spin the spinner, fill out the table for each one, and graph the information on the table below. These can be laminated to use multiple times with an expo marker, or you can print them on paper for your students to bring home. Help as many escape as possible!

Grab this individual activity here!

5. Bring Santa's Workshop to life in your classroom!

There is nothing better than celebrating Christmas in the classroom! This is an activity I am confident your students will love. First, students will complete a writing activity where they will fill out an application explaining why they think they would be a great fit for Santa's workshop with supportive reasons. (This can help with teaching/reviewing opinion writing.) They will then receive a letter of acceptance from Santa himself, and students will split up into 3 teams to work in the Toy Department, Technology Department, and Sweets Department. They will collect data from each department and create graphs to represent their findings! There is a hands-on option with manipulatives you can print out and laminate. Students will grab a handful of the manipulatives for each category and fill out the table that way, or you can just create a packet and use dice. At the end, there is a reflection sheet your students can fill out for them to self-check on their understanding and how well they did. There are detailed directions included when you purchase this product.

Grab this individual activity here!

I hope you enjoy this resource in your classroom with your students! I would love to see it in action if you will take pictures and tag me on instagram @carolinacornertpt. As always, have fun celebrating different holidays with your students and let me know if you have any questions! Happy Graphing!



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