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Opinion Writing: Halloween Style!

Opinion writing is a major standard to hit with your elementary students! As a current ESL teacher, I have been looking for fun and engaging ways to hook my young writers by providing scaffolds to help them be successful with their opinion writing. What better way to get students excited about writing than with Halloween Candy?! I can't wait to show you what I've come up with so you can use it in your own classroom.

You can grab this resource in my tpt store here. Let's jump in!

Let's start with planning and organizing your writing. This resource includes "brain dump" choices, graphic organizer choices with and without sentence stems, and flip book choices for you to use with your little learners. You will have lots of choice to meet your students needs. I find it most useful to model for students in a mini lesson how to fill each one out.

These will help scaffold your students as they plan what they want to write about. I recommend starting with the "brain dump" option. Model for your students what a brain dump might look like with words and phrases about one or more candies and why they do/don't like that candy. Get creative with reasons! The next day, they can transfer these reasons onto the graphic organizer. Show them how to start with an opinion statement, 3 supporting reasons, and a conclusion. You can also choose the flip book that does/does not have sentence stems.

I have also included these sentence stem posters for your students to use when writing so they know how to start each part of their writing. Post these in your classroom and give students their own student sheet to keep at their desk for personal use!

Put it all together and write! I have included two different writing prompts:

  • The Best Halloween Candy is...

  • ___________ is the best Halloween Candy because...

There are different types of writing paper based on your students age/needs. There are writing paper options to glue a craft at the top, or if you choose to not do the craft, there are writing paper options for that as well. Lastly, of course, there is a candy craft included for your students to decorate to show off their hard work!

You can grab this resource in my tpt store here.

I hope you and your students will enjoy using this resource this Halloween season! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out in the "contact me" tab. I would love to see this product in action, so make sure to tag me on instagram @carolinacornertpt. Happy Halloween!

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