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How to Catch Santa Claus Writing Craftivity!

I love bringing the Christmas spirit to my classroom each year! There is something so magical about seeing student learning come to life with fun, engaging Christmas activities! If you are teaching or reviewing how-to writing, this resource will be a perfect edition to your writing time. I always love seeing the fun ideas that my students come up with! Let's jump in!

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To begin this writing activity, read the story, "How to Catch Santa" If you don't have this book in your classroom library, you can find this story on YouTube or you can purchase it on Amazon. This will get your students excited to write their own "How to Catch Santa" story and will give them all kinds of fun ideas!

I find that when I'm introducing a new writing project, my students respond best through graphic organizers. This shows them a way to organize their writing through planning. I always like to start by using a brain dump. This allows students to write down all the ideas they have in their brain so they can pick and choose when they are deciding what to write. As an ESL teacher, teaching sequencing words are a MUST, so I have included a sequencing words graphic organizer with and without writing lines, as well as a graphic organizer through sequencing with numbers.

This resource includes two craft sizes. The first one is a small craft to go on top of your students' how-to book. You will glue the craft on the back page of the book and glue the hands on the front cover. Each craft size includes:

  • Multicultural craft pieces for color print

  • B&W craft pieces for your students to color

  • B&W craft pieces in bulk for you to print on colored paper

The second one is a standard size craft to go on top of your students' writing. There are two writing paper options to choose from, depending on the age and ability level of your students.

I hope this resource will bring joy to your classroom this Christmas season! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out in the "contact me" tab, and be sure to tag me on instagram @carolinacornertpt. I'd love to see this resource in action!

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing!

Grab this resource in my store here.

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