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Fall & Thanksgiving Activity Science of Reading!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Looking for a fun, research-based way to keep your students engaged during phonics instruction? I have the perfect game for you! Developed from the Science of Reading, this fall turkey escape game will build your students' phonological awareness and blending skills while having fun at the same time! Let's jump in!

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This game works like a board game. Students will draw a card and "say it, map it, write it" using the picture on the card. However many sounds are in the word, is how many spaces they will move. If they draw one of the three specialty cards, they will follow directions on the card. See examples below!

For game pieces, the options are ENDLESS! There are tons of cute options you can find at the dollar store, or you can use snap cubes, erasers, counters, squares of paper, gems, etc. This is also true for the "map it" pieces your students will need to map the sounds in each word. I recommend laminating the cards so that your students can write on them with an expo marker, erase, clean, and use again and again. If you or your kiddos are unsure about what each picture is, I have included a "Game Card Key" that you can see below! Each word included is decodable.

I have also included a prep and game directions page that tells you step by step what you'll need for this activity, as well as how to play. This game can be played in pairs or groups of three. I can guarantee your students will love this game, and with time and practice, you will watch their decoding skills blossom before your eyes!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this resource! I hope this will be useful for reading/phonics instruction in your classroom. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions in the "contact me" tab, and make sure to tag me on instagram @carolinacornertpt if you post this in action with your students. Happy Fall!

Grab this resource in my store here!



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