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Fact Fluency Halloween Spider Squash Game

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Looking for a hands-on way to practice addition and subtraction fact fluency with your Kindergarten or First Grade students? I have the perfect game for you! Your students will love taking the spider squash hand to squash those pesky number spiders. Their job is to take the addition or subtraction fact and squash the spider that has the correct answer. There are four mat options for you to choose from to differentiate or enrich among ability levels. Let's dive in!

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1. Game Directions

Let's start off by taking a peek at the game directions. As I said previously, the object of the game is to take the squash hand and squash the correct answer. However, this game can be played two ways: individually or with a partner.

For students to play individually, they will match the correct facts on the fact mat. Using your discretion on ability level, you can make things interesting by adding a timer! That way students have to fill out the mat as fast as possible. If they fill up the mat and beat the clock, they win!

For partner play, students will sit across from each other with the fact mat and deck of cards that corresponds. Setting a timer, students will race each other to see who can squash the most spiders in 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. Whoever has the most spiders "squashed" wins!

2. Game Mat Options

There are four game mat options:

  1. Adding and Subtracting facts 1-6

  2. Adding and Subtracting facts 5-10

  3. Adding and Subtracting facts 1-10

  4. Adding and Subtracting facts 11-20

This is a tool you can use to differentiate or enrich among your students' ability levels. Simply choose which mat fits your students best. These would be great for a center or small group activity!

3. Printing your deck of cards

I have organized each sheet of cards by labelling them two ways. Each sheet has a number in the bottom right-hand corner that tells you what facts are on that particular page. On the margin, it tells you which mat it goes to. For example on the picture above, these facts all equal 9 and go to the math with facts 5-10. This should help alleviate time for you when printing the cards for play. Black and white versions of the mats and cards are included in this resource.

I hope that you have fun with your students as you play this game! One of my favorite things EVER is playing seasonal games with my students during the holidays! If you choose to purchase this resource, I would love for you to leave me feedback and tag me in photos on instagram @carolinacornertpt. Happy Squashing!

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