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Digraph Sh Phonics Interactive Slides & Activities (Science of Reading!)

Needing something new to re-vamp your phonics routine? This Sh Digraph phonics resource is designed to help your students learn to read in a research, brain-based way! I love all things Science of Reading, and after many hours of trainings, I am so excited to give you all the ready-to-use, no-prep tools you need to make your next phonics lesson engaging and easy to follow! Whether your students are learning digraphs from scratch or you are looking to review, this resource has everything you need to teach digraph sh. Let's jump in!

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This resource includes five days of strategically-created lesson plans following a best-practice framework. It follows the same routine each day, and adds on to previously taught skills each day. You won't have to think about what materials you need, as it is all listed at the top of each plan for you. Who doesn't love when your lessons are already planned out for you?!

Each lesson includes interactive slides to help guide you through the lesson and keep students engaged. The lesson plans are laid out so you can easily navigate the slides as you teach. There are portions of these lessons where you will be dragging pieces, and writing sounds, words, & sentences. If you have a smartboard in your classroom, you will be able to simply touch and drag, and write with the pens included.

However, if you are like me and do not have a smart board for your classroom, I have included slides for you too! For each moveable piece, you can click and drag them. For parts where you will need to write, I have included a slide where you can type in the text boxes. This is all included in the lesson plan directions as well! If you have your students set up in a platform like Google Classroom where they can access Google Slide activities, you can easily put these slides in those platforms for students to practice alongside of you.

There are several no-prep, hands-on activities included for each lesson pictured above. There are coding mats, dictation mats, picture sorts, and more!

I have included differentiated passages in this resource for you to use with learners of all levels! As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to help my struggling learners feel confident in their abilities alongside the rest of the class. Sometimes that means giving them something different from everybody else. However, the passages in this resource tell the same story, just on a different level. Now everyone can participate! Depending on what your students need, you can choose which passage best suits them. I have also included some printable comprehension questions to go along with the decodable text. These are also in the interactive slides, but you could also easily print and go if you use this for small group instruction. I hope this will take some stress off your back!

Day 5 includes a writing activity where students will practice retelling the story. This will help improve their comprehension skills, as well as their oral language skills, especially for your English Language Learners. There are five templates for you to choose from.

You will choose which template best suits your students and their needs. You can choose a variety if you wish. Students will draw a picture in each box showing what happened in the story in order. There are two templates with writing lines already on them. These would be great to use to practice writing single words or phrases for labeling.

You will then choose a writing paper to cut out and attach to the bottom. For your non-writers, I have included each story already written out that they could attach to their worksheet. This way, they can practice reading it while looking at their personal illustrations.

For your students who need practice writing, I have included two types of writing lines for you to attach to the bottom of their paper. They will retell the story in their writing using the sequence words reviewed in the lesson.

Click here to see this resource in my store!

For the last three years, I have been on a quest to learn best research-based practices to help students on all ability levels learn to read. Through trial and error, I have seen first-hand what strategies have/have not worked in this area. Paired with my experience, I am actively participating in district-wide training where I learn how these strategies are best practice, along with so many new strategies that have exponentially broadened my knowledge in these areas. Each lesson plan, activity, and each step in making this resource is 100% backedby research and I am so excited to share with you. Thank you for entrusting me in educating your students, as it is not something I take lightly!



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