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All things fall growing BUNDLE!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

One of my FAVORITE things about being a teacher is all the fun seasonal things I get to do with my students! I don't know about you, but I love all things fall! These are things that I needed for my own classroom, and I put my own fun twist on them! Not only are there eight resources in this bundle, as I create, I will be adding to the list! I can't wait to show you what's included. Let's jump in!

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1. The Leaf Thief book companion fall craft

I came across a fall book that I absolutely loved called "The Leaf Thief." It's a super cute story about a squirrel who thinks someone is stealing all the leaves off the trees. He learns at the end of the story that the wind blows and in fall, the leaves fall off the trees. There isn't a leaf thief after all! This is a great activity to use to teach about changes in the fall, and your students will love putting together the craft.

To learn more about this resource, click here!

2. Fall Science of Reading Phonological Awareness Game: Turkey Escape!

This will quickly become a class favorite! Students will make their way through he fall festival to save the turkeys from Thanksgiving dinner at the farm. Developed from the Science of Reading, this game has students draw a card, look at the picture, and "say it, map it, write it." They will move their game piece the same number of spaces as the sounds in the word. This builds their reading and writing skills, all while playing a game with their friends! To read more about this resource, click here.

3. 2D Shapes Craft Lexa the Hexagon PUMPKIN!

Use this fun 2D Shape activity with your students to introduce or review shapes! A major Kindergarten standard is composing small shapes into bigger shapes. Lexa the Hexagon will help motivate and teach your students this skill with three fun activities. Simply follow the 3 day lesson plan. On the last day, your students will make Lexa the Hexagon and use a variety of shapes. The options are endless! To read about this product in detail, click here!

4. Fall Addition and Subtraction Mat with Word Problems

Teaching word problems to your little learners can be a daunting task. With this addition and subtraction mat, your students will represent word problems three ways: with a drawing/manipulatives, part-part whole, and with an equation. This is great for whole group or small group instruction, or in a center. The equation box is differentiated with blank boxes, and number sentence lines for students who need more support writing equations. Each set of task cards has a type of word problem:

  • result unknown

  • addend unknown

  • subtrahend unknown

  • decompose numbers

To see this activity in my store, click here!

5, 6, 7. September, October, and November Words Bulletin Board Writing Center

These resources are perfect for your students to use with writing, but especially with your English Language Learners. During writing time, if students need help spelling or identifying words for certain people, places, things, holidays, etc; all they have to do is look on their student "monthly word" sheet or on the bulletin board in your classroom. This is something you could review every day with your students as a quick drill to support your ELLs, so when it comes time for writing, they are familiar with how to say and spell each word. I put up velcro dots on my bulletin board so it is easy to change out for each month!

Take a look at these resources in my store below:

8. All About Turkeys Research Project Craftivity!

Needing something unique as a Thanksgiving activity in your classroom? This turkey research project will be a perfect edition to your writing instruction! This resource includes graphic organizers to scaffold your students into collecting information on turkeys, to ultimately produce a beautiful writing piece. You can use non fiction books about turkeys from your classroom/school library, or use one of my favorite websites: Epic! Students will love coloring and attaching their turkey to the top of their writing piece that they worked so very diligently on! To read more about this resource in depth, click here!

Thank you so much for taking time to learn more about this fall bundle! I am confident your students will be engaged and excited about learning with these resources! If you have any questions about this resource, please don't hesitate to send me a message under the "contact me" tab. I hope you have a fabulous fall with your students!!

See this resource in my store here!



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