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All About Turkeys: Non fiction research activities

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

If you're in need of a new, unique activity to do with your class around Thanksgiving, look no further! I love using non fiction activities in the classroom because it allows students to make connections with real life experiences. In this activity, students will explore information about turkeys using different scaffolds and writing template choices. You can grab this resource here!

First things first, I created some graphic organizers to help collect and organize the information you gather about turkeys. I love using KWL charts because its something you can refer back to with your students as they reflect on what they've learned. There are "KWL" anchor chart labels as well as a KWL student sheet for your students to fill out on their own.

I have also included two other types of graphic organizers where you and your students can collect facts about turkeys and jot them down to help plan what your students will write about.

For the final draft, I have included three types of writing activities. First, I created this turkey research journal as an option for you to use with your students. This adds a different kind of twist to research writing. Your students love pretending to be "researchers!"

Second, I have created this "All About Turkeys" fact flip book. You can choose between five facts or four. Staple or glue the book together, and you have a little book for your students to write on!

Finally, I included a good ole' trusty writing paper. There are three prompt options available: All About Turkeys, I am thankful for... and Happy Thanksgiving. You can use these as a research writing or creative writing element in your classroom. There are two types of turkey toppers included in this resource as well, pictured above!

I hope you are able to find this resource useful in your classroom during this holiday season! Be sure to tag me in any instagram posts if you use this in your classroom, and leave me a review in my store. I hope you enjoy!

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