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2D Shapes with Lexa the Hexagon!

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

If you're anything like me and love EVERYTHING about doing fall activities with your students, you will love this resource! Meet my friend, Lexa the Hexagon! Lexa is a shape pumpkin, and she has run into a problem... she doesn't know what kind of shapes her pumpkin friends are! It's your students' job to help her learn her shapes, find different ways to compose bigger shapes from smaller shapes, and at the very end, make a fun Lexa the Hexagon craft! This activity has a few different components that will teach your students about 2D shapes. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Read the 3-Day Activity Plan

The first thing you will see in this resource is a "3-Day Activity Plan." There are three days planned for what you will do/introduce on each day. This includes a short story about Lexa, as well as a short description of what that activity entails. There is a poster of Lexa the Hexagon in color and black and white that you can print out and put on your board for your students to see while they learn about 2D Shapes!

Step 2: Play "I have who has" 2D shape edition

Lexa doesn't know the names of her pumpkin shape friends! Your students will love playing this game in pairs or small groups. Your student will say "I have shape name who has shape name?" This helps them with their shape name fluency and conversation/social skills with their peers!

Step 3: Build Lexa the Hexagon

On day 2, your students will be delighted to hear that Lexa discovered that she can put several small shapes together to make one big shape: a hexagon just like her! This is a great activity for your students to work together to see all the different shape compositions they can make into a hexagon. You can differentiate by using cards that have outlines, or just a blank hexagon for a more challenging activity where the students have to compose a hexagon by themselves.

Step 4: Make Lexa the Hexagon!

On day 3, your students will be delighted to hear that they get to make their very own Lexa the Hexagon! BUT the trick is, they have to choose which shapes they will use to make Lexa. The possibilities are endless! You will print out multiple copies of the shape templates included in this resource, and your students can go to your craft table to choose which small shapes they want to use to make their own Lexa the Hexagon. There are labelled craft pieces with a top flap, base piece, eyes, handle, and worksheet. Your students will glue down the shape pieces on the top flap, will fill out the worksheet with how many of each shape they used, and staple it to the base piece to make a book. Don't forget to draw her smile at the end! You can watch my video preview to see how I did this at the top of this post.

I hope you and your students have so much fun learning all about shapes with this resource! Please be sure to tag me on instagram or send me photos if you do this resource in your classroom. I would love to see it in action in your classroom and as always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions! Happy crafting!

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